Monday, February 12, 2007

Anna Nicole Was In A "Terrible State" Before She Died Says Friend

While the cause of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death remains a mystery, a friend of the models has revealed that she was in a "terrible state."

A source close to Smith, who had a rough few months which included the death of her son coinciding with the birth of her daughter and multiple pending court cases, reveals the star called in a hysterical state just days before she died.

The friend told Britain's News Of The World newspaper, "Anna was in a terrible state. She said, 'I've given up-I can't go on'. You always knew with Anna that life was never simple. But this time she seemed different. And I was really afraid for her."

The friend says she tried to lighten Smith's mood by reminding her of her newborn daughter, Dannielynn.

The friend continued, "I kept saying, 'Anna, babe, you are not going to do anything stupid. Anna, please be careful. She said, 'I will, honey, I will'. But I was seriously worried she didn't mean it this time. She'd been self-destructing for years with all the drugs she was taking. She wanted to die...In the last few weeks she'd become very withdrawn and quiet-almost childlike. She told me time and again that even though she had a new-born baby she had nothing to live for. She kept saying, 'What is there for me? What is the point of going on?' I remember saying, 'Come on-what about your baby? She needs you more than ever.' Anna said, 'I know, I know. But it's hard.'"

While drugs have yet to be labeled the reason for Smith's sudden death, the friend has confirmed that Smith was taking a cocktail of narcotics to help with her depression and anxiety.

She said, "She took the anti-depressants just so she could get up in a morning and she didn't always take them according to the directions. She'd just slug a couple down if she was getting anxious...The doctors told her to stop taking the drugs to see if that stabilized things. She didn't though. She couldn't cope without them."

However, the insider does not believe Smith took her own life, despite her depression.

The source concluded, "I don't know if Anna committed suicide, but I do know that she wanted to die. I think maybe her body just said, 'I've had enough.'"

Anna Nicole Smith left behind a baby daughter and a bitter paternity case, in which three different men are fighting for the right to call Dannielynn their own.