Saturday, April 28, 2007

How to know if she is faking orgasm?

I’d be willing to bet that you’ve been at least curious as to whether she was for real or not. She screams, she moans, she thrashes, she pulls your hair and yells “I’m cumming!” She’s so loud that the neighbors are close to calling the cops. But still, you have your doubts. Truth is, if you find yourself wondering, she’s probably faking it. But before you jump to conclusions, make sure you ask yourself a few follow up questions like “Am I giving her a reason to fake it?” or “Would you even know a real female orgasm if you saw one?” I’m going to do my best to educate you on the subject.

Its easy to understand your confusion. In contrast, the mechanics of the male orgasm are pretty easy to “get”: Dick gets hard > Dick gets stroked/sucked/fucked > Dick cums. There’s no real mystery there. Don’t you wish girls were that simple? Sorry to tell you boys, but we’re just not made that way. Our sexual organs and arousal process are way more internal. So unless she’s a squirter, a woman has no giant-red-flag-indicator that she’s having an orgasm. However, there are signs you can look for that will let you know she’s getting ready to cum, is cumming, or she’s already been there and back.

First is arousal, if she’s really turned on, her pupils may be dilated, her skin may be flushed red or pink on her face, neck and tits. Her breathing may be rapid and may become irregular. In general, her moaning and panting will not just get louder, but speed up as she approaches climax. She won’t be able to control it.

Next, the actual orgasm. Adding to the confusion here is that women can have both small “mini orgasms” and the awesome-earth-shaking, toe curling orgasms. While technically they both count as O’s, your girl may or may not count the small ones. In either case though, a woman’s PC muscles will contract. This means that if you’re inside her, you’ll feel it start to “squeeze” slowly while she’s cumming. It may be quick, or it could even be minute-long dick-gripping contractions. Some women go completely stiff when they cum, some go totally limp. Some yell louder than ever, some are totally quiet. No matter what her heart rate will increase. And if you’re a real stud, she may have some involuntary movements, such as shivering.

Finally, afterwards. She’ll have a dazed, dreamy look and be kind of glassy eyed. She’ll need to catch her breath and her breathing and heart rate will slowly return to normal. Her flustered red skin will gradually return to normal.

As a bonus tip, here are some tell-tale signs that she is faking.

1.) If she’s coming EVERY time. Only a very small percentage of girls can cum everytime. Also, each and every real orgasm is different. If your girl has the exact same reaction to every orgasm, it may just be for show.

2.) Obvious Overacting. This one can be a tough call, since some women will moan and talk dirty to turn you on and to turn themselves on, but if she’s just moaning mechanically, her groaning is too regular, or too loud, and she sounds like she’s totally imitating a porn star, she’s probably faking and she probably sucks at it.

3.) Out Of Synch. If her moaning and responses don’t match what you’re really doing to her, something’s wrong. For example, if you stop, and she keeps moaning with the same rhythm and intensity, she may be faking.

4.) No Downtime. There are exceptions, but if usually if she “cums” and then immediatly jumps out of bed to brush her teeth, she probably faked. It should take her at least a couple of minutes or so to calm down after having an orgasm.

In the end, you may never know for sure that she was faking it or why, unless she breaks down and confesses, or throws it in your face in the midst of an argument. But if you suspect she is pulling an act in bed, use it as a challenge and an opportunity to experiment. Switch up your sexual moves and see if you can give her a genuine toe-curler.